Klemensson Machining AB works with machining workshops in Asia. The quality which machining companies in Asia are making is very high comparing to many European workshops. The few selected companies in Asia has reach a whole new level of quality.

Many costumer has given much credit to Klemensson Machining AB for the pristine quality and finish. Both mechanical workshop aswell as big automation companies. Mechanical workshop in Sweden has even said that some parts are not possible to make, especially to the price that Klemensson Machining AB can deliver.

Lathing and CNC milling of complex parts are the most popular parts that Klemensson Machining AB is making. Most commonly is manufacturing in tool steel and aluminum, even stainless steel och plastic parts are common.

A very common question for our costumers are; What is the leadtime?

Answer: Normally 4-6 weeks, depending on how many parts the costumer is asking for. Express deliveries is also possible with a leadtime 2-3 weeks (Surface treatments included).

Twice a year the company evaluates the suppliers. The evaluation is a demand for Klemensson Machining AB to all suppliers. New suppliers are tested each year which we also demand that the supplier has ISO14001:2015 certificate and ISO9001:2015.


To maintain control of the process when Klemensson Machining AB delivers systems to our costumers, we assemble upon our comstumers request in our own workshop. Here, we finalize the quality with our measuring system, hardness tester and many other measuring tools.

Depending on what the costumers standards are, we can supply those demands on your machines. Mechanical, pneumatics and electrical installation is what we can offer.


Klemensson Machining AB and before the company started we have a vision to be one of the first suppliers to deliver complete 3D-printed parts to the automationindustry in Sweden, especially the car industry. With our first investment in the fall of 2018, a plastic composite printer, we now can 3D print parts in carbon fiber which has a flexural strength of 470 MPa, which is 20% higher yield strength than aluminum 6061. Its tensile strength is 700 MPa, more than twice the ultimate tensile strength of aluminum.

We believe that within a few years the 3D-printing we be a big parts of the manufacturing and assembly process in the automation industry where the human interact with the product.

The skills that are required to adjust parts are something that Klemensson Machining AB has, we are intended to use that skill as much as we can.