Klemensson Machining


Today Klemensson Machining AB is a young company but it has with great success developed into a flourishing company due to the satisfaction from the costumers. We have such a great response from costumers today that they even helps the company get in contact with new suppliers.

Klemensson Machining AB helps automation companies to manufacture and assemble complete tools for Swedish Car manufacturers since 2017. Tools that are used hundreds and thousands of times each day, this require that we deliver parts in high quality according to costumers drawings.

Through the support that we give to manufacturing companies we can deliver complete systems to endcostumers aswell. With a qualityensured process we can deliver what the costumer seeks.

A cooperation with big companies in Sweden, like ÅF Robotic Engineering we consider that to be a proof of strength that we can deliver parts with high standards.

ISO certificate

To show that continuous improvement are the right way to reach success and quality we have chosen to certify this company. ISO 9001:2015 a qualitysystem to maintain even quality but also ISO 14001:2015 to improve the enviromental impact we in the automation industry have.

Our vision is to reduce the CO2 impact with our flights and our own land transport shall be free from fossile fuel within 3 years