Klemensson Machining

About us

Year 2015 the individual company Klemensson Konsulttjänster started. Then we worked with CAD and technical consultation for companies that worked to automation industry. Mechnical workshops seeked help with planning, coordination and CAD to be able to solve the tasks that were given from costumers.

In 2016, Klemensson Consulting Services received a customer request to import raw materials from China for tool manufacturing, and in connection with this, the need arose for CE marking of products.

The decision to provide CE marking in accordance with the Machinery Directive to our customers was a natural choice and another step in our development.

Klemensson Machining AB is a subsidiary of Klemensson Holding AB, which also includes Klemensson Consulting AB.

A new machine must be manufactured and CE marked in accordance with the “Machinery Directive – 2006/42 / EC” and current standards. When the machine has then been put in place, it must also comply with “AFS 2006: 4 – Use of work equipment”.